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Top Tattoo Artist in Goa

Top Tattoo Artist in Goa

Goa is famous for beaches, historical places and local crafts. Booze, parties and fashion is also part of vibrant nightlife in Goa.

Tattoo has become a perfect memorabilia and a fashion statement of late, specially among youngsters. This has led to splurge of Tattoo Shops in Goa.

Gupta Tattoo Studio Goa is one of the oldest tattoo parlour in goa with over 13 branches spread across north Goa. Gupta Tattoo Studio have many  Top Tattoo Artist in Goa working in these 13 branches.


Top Tattoo Artist in Goa includes

best tattoo artist in goa from Russia Ms Svetalana with over 10+ Years international experience in Tattoo and Piercing Work.


Top Tattoo Artist in Goa

is Mr Vinod Gupta, a veteran of 18 Years in tattoo industry in Goa. Mr Gupta has setup Gupta Tattoo Studio Goa in 1988 and grew tattoo business from one shop to 13 as on 2017.

The tattoo work in goa by Top Tattoo Artist in Goa includes :

  • Permanent Tattoo in Goa
  • Temporary Tattoo in Goa
  • Portrait Tattoo in Goa
  • Tribal Tattoo in Goa
  • Piercing Work in Goa

Tattoo Cost in Goa

People often have this question, ” What is the tattoo price in Goa?”, ” How much does a permanent tattoo cost in Goa?” .

Although Tattoo Price in Goa varies depending on the size, design complexity and color, but as a thumb rule – you can consider ₹ 2000-3000 per square inch for permanent tattoo in goa.

Since their are lots of Tattoo Parlour in Goa, competition has grown many fold in recent time. This competition has led to reduction in tattoo price in goa but one must focus on safe and hygienic tattoo work in goa. Gupta Tattoo Parlour in Goa could survive 18 years in Tattoo Business in Goa because of its quality and affordable price.

So if you are looking for the Tattoo Parlour in Goa with best Top Tattoo Artist in Goa – Gupta Tattoo Studio should be your one and only choice.

Happy Tattooing !

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