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A brief history of tattoos

A brief history of tattoos

Most of people are totally in love with tattoos. The trend of tattoos has evolved over the generation and helped in improving the looks of people. The charges of the tattoo usually vary. There are small to big tattoos with different colours that can help to enhance the look. The trend of tattoo is gradually improving and evolving in Goa. There are several tattoo shop in Goa where you can get yourself tattooed.

The wide range of tattoo shop can offer temporary tattoo as well as permanent tattoo. The history of tattoo ranges back to the ancient generations. You can definitely try these tattoos to enhance your look.

What is a tattoo?

In simple words, tattoos are the permanent art on the body. These may be coloured or just simple. There is a wide range of tattoos, from being permanent to just temporary, and from big to small. You can choose whatever best suits your needs. Tattoos are usually made by making a puncture on the skin. The puncture is then filled with inks, pigments and dyes. These are all inserted into the deeper layer of the skin. This is so done to improve the colour of the tattoos.

The tattoos in Goa are being made since a long time. The pigments or the colours are added mostly in the dermal layer of the skin to enhance the pigmentation. There are various tattoo shops in Goa that can help you get the right kind of tattoo.

What should you consider before getting a tattoo?

However, before you move on to getting a tattoo, there are certain things you will need to consider. Safety, hygiene, the tattoo artists, all these factors matter a lot when you are going to get inked.

If you are looking for tattoos artists and tattoo shops near you, internet can be of great help. You can type ‘tattoo artists near me’ and you may be able to find the best tattoo artists. However, before you move on to get yourself inked, make sure you consider the following factors.

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Tattoo artist

There are several tattoo artists in Goa. Before you go on get tattooed, you might as well look up for their previous works and reviews. Several artists have their online websites for which you can check the reviews. Also, the price for these tattoo artists usually vary depending on their work. Some of the tattoo artists charge on the overall work basis, while some charge on the hourly basis. You can then choose the tattoo artist in Goa as per your needs.


The price of the tattoo varies depending on the color of tattoo you will be choosing. The single coloured tattoos are less expensive than the coloured ones. This is because the coloured tattoos require more detailing and time. The tattoo shops in Goa charge depending on the color, so you can consider your choice.


Tattoos are a reflection of our beliefs. There are various tattoos which have a symbolic meaning. As a result you may choose the design that inspires you. There are several tattoo artists in Goa who prefer experimenting with preferences. The tattoo shops in Goa offer for different tattoo designs. You can either have a letter tattoo or an artwork which represents your belief.


What are the safety precautions that you need to take?

Although tattoos are attractive, several health risks may come attached with it. Tattoos are root cause of several health problems. So before you get the tattoo designs inked on your body, you will need to be a little careful. Some of the safety precautions that you should maintain include

Go to a tattoo artist

Many people consider that they can get the tribal tattoo design inked on them all by themselves. As a result, you should make sure to choose one of the most reputable tattoo artist in Goa. Also, you should ensure that they follow the safety regulations and have a helping staff with themselves. This is why experts recommend that you should be choosing experienced and trained professionals to do the job.


Think before you ink. No matter what kind of tattoo design you are getting, hygiene and cleanliness should be your prime concern. You should ensure that the tattoo artist is washing their hands properly and also wearing proper gloves before beginning the procedure. If the artist isn’t following the proper method, you should ask them to do so. Maintaining proper hygiene and sanitation will help to avoid the prevalent infections one might get due to tattooing.

Sterilization of the equipment

One of the key facts while getting a tattoo is that the equipment is properly sterilized. You should check whether the tattoo artist is sterilizing the non-disposable equipment or not. Nonetheless, it is not necessary to sterilize all the equipment such as tables, drawer handles and more. The equipment can also be disinfected using disinfectant or commercial bleach solution. This should be done after using the equipment.

Quality of the ink

A lot of tattoo shops these days use tattoo inks which are not suitable. As a result, before you move on to getting a tattoo design inked, you should checked whether the ink has been approved or not. Also, you should check the quality of the ink and the expiry date. Checking all these will help you to avoid the risk of blood infections.

Know the procedure

Before you get inked, you should visit the tattoo shop in Goa. You may also inquire about the work of the tattoo shop. This will help you avoid the risk of getting blood infections. You can also visit the tattoo shop when someone is getting a tattoo. This will help you become aware of the procedure and the precautions they maintain. You can also read about the process of getting a tattoo. Further, you can take your decision about getting inked.

Tattoos are one essential artwork on your body. This is the reason why you should understand the risks and the process involved in it. You should make sure to choose the right tattoo shop in Goa and avoid all the prevalent health risks.